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_MG_1262Project Description
The μLiquidCrystal is .NET Micro Framework library for popular LCD displays with HD44780 compatible controller.
The library closely matches functionality implemented in the Arduino Liquid Crystal Library. It supports various methods of connecting the display to the microcontroller:
  • Directly to GPIO pins (see GpioLcdTransferProvider )
  • Indirectly via shift registers (see Shifter74Hc595LcdTransferProvider)
  • other methods can be added in future versions
Please see my blog for introduction to the library:
The library was developed and tested using Netduino, but it should work with any other .NET Micro Framework board.
Developed by Szymon Kobalczyk based on the Arduino Liquid Crystal Library. Includes portions of code from implementation by Pavel Bánský.
The library is released as open source and governed by Apache License.

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